USGamer’s MLB 16: The Show Review is a Towering Four-Bagger

MLB 16: The Show slides in with another quality entry, so says USGamer.

MLB 16: The Show slides in with another quality entry, so says USGamer.

It’s one of the most respected and revered sports franchises in history, and it’s because these developers continue to produce top-quality installments year-in, year-out. There are always a few years that aren’t as stellar as others but for the most part, The Show has been amazingly consistent. Still, if you’d rather learn more about the latest entry before diving right in, we’ve got the review for you.

It comes from USGamer, where critic Kat Bailey pens an excellent analysis of MLB 16: The Show. Sports simulators require a slightly different approach when tackling a review; first and foremost, the critic needs to understand that the majority of those reading the review are likely big fans of the sport. And they can be sticklers for accuracy and realism. But you also can’t get bogged down by a lot of detail and technical elements in the review, or it starts to drag and the readability level drops. Here, we get a fantastic blend of in-depth information and well-paced commentary. Not easy to do, and well done!

This is Kat’s second nod here at VGRHQ; the first came with her great review of Drakengard 3.

Why We Like It:

— Sports fans are always looking for detail and accuracy, and this review delivers a proper analysis of both.

— Manages to balance probing analysis – necessary for any sim – with a solid writing flair and pace that keeps the reader moving through the paragraphs.

— Even though the game is designed for hardcore fans of the sport, the review caters to both avid baseball lovers and gamers in general, which is a notable feat.

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I haven’t played The Show in a long time but I might have to get this…rekindle my former love of baseball. 😉

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