USGamer’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review Is A Sweeping Success

The first Xenoblade Chronicles was a bit of a surprise hit, as die-hard role-playing followers were drawn to its blend of old-school and new-school style, and reviewers were quick to give it a favorable nod.

Now that the sequel has arrived, those same fans are wondering: Did developer Monolith Soft nail down a worthy sequel, one that’s even bigger and better than the excellent original? If the answer is “yes,” those RPG aficionados will be flocking to the nearest GameStop.

Well, if you’re looking for a hugely entertaining and wonderfully informative analysis of the anticipated follow-up, we recommend checking out USGamer. Critic Nadia Oxford writes up a stellar evaluation of the new title, delving into the environment, story, gameplay mechanics, and various other elements with artistic verve. RPG lovers will get the information they require in spades and newcomers won’t feel lost.

The review has an excellent flow to it as well, as the introduction effectively draws in the curious reader, and then carefully transitions to more complex matters. It’s exactly the right way to tackle an analysis of a large, in-depth role-playing adventure, and we definitely appreciate it.

Congrats, Nadia!

Why We Like It:

Fantastic intro followed by top-notch pacing and structure. This results in a highly digestible and entertaining evaluation.

Doesn’t get lost on trivial tangents or personal asides; gigantic productions can generate wandering, unfocused reviews. But that didn’t happen here.

A clear understanding of what RPG fans are looking for, as well as a reliable bird’s-eye view of the production as a whole.

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