Videogamer’s Mighty No. 9 Review is Tops On Our List

It has the look and feel but it doesn't live up to the lofty status of Mega Man.

It has the look and feel but it doesn’t live up to the lofty status of Mega Man.

As any gamer knows, Mega Man is one of the most iconic and revered video game IPs in history. So, when former Capcom boss Keiji Inafune founded his own studio (Comcept) and announced what amounted to a spiritual successor in Mighty No 9., fans of the blue bomber were understandably pumped.

And after an extended wait, the anticipated retro-styled side-scroller with a modern sheen has finally arrived. The only problem is that critics are not suitably impressed and some are even flat-out disappointed. While reading through the available reviews, positive and negative, one caught our eye: It was at Videogamer, where critic Tom Orry gives us a straightforward, well-written review that ticks all the necessary boxes.

He understands today’s audience and what gamers have come to expect from their interactive experiences, and rightly explains the often maddening nature of the game in question. There’s also an introductory nod to the inspiration that was at the core of the game, and he uses that as a springboard for the review, without making long, drawn-out comparisons to age-old titles. Well done.

Why We Like It:

While we know it’s based on Mega Man, the critic doesn’t get bogged down with endless comparisons. That’s not the right approach, anyway.

— Understands that gaming has changed a lot over the years, so it correctly tackles the brutal and even unfair nature of the difficulty curve.

Doesn’t waste any time with pointless tangents or waxing rhapsodic about a time long past. It’s just a well-paced review that delivers the necessities.

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This was such a colossal disappointment for me. It’s not just that it was frustrating or hard; it’s that it was UNFAIR and not well designed. That’s the last thing I want.

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