WCCFTech Writes Up an Epic, Top-Tier Skyrim Special Edition Review

The heralded action/RPG has returned but is it worthwhile if you already played it...?

The heralded action/RPG has returned but is it worthwhile if you already played it…?

When The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim exploded onto the scene five years ago, critics and role-playing aficionados alike heaped mountains of praise upon Bethesda’s epic adventure. Now, the recipient of seemingly countless Game of the Year Awards has returned in the form of a Special Edition, which means it’s time once again to leap into this immersive, engaging world. But has it aged well? Are the upgrades enough to warrant a second play-through if you invested a ton of your free time into Skyrim five years ago? And does the addition of mods add significant appeal? For the answers to these important questions, we suggest you step over to WCCFTech and check out their excellent analysis.

Critic Rosh Kelly delivers a candid, detailed review that not only gives us those answers, but also offers a reliable recommendation for both fans and newcomers. When you’ve finished reading the evaluation, you will have all the information you need to make a purchase decision (which, in effect, should be the ultimate goal of any product review). We especially like that rather than re-reviewing an existing game, this critic focuses on the “Special Edition” part; i.e., there’s a hefty emphasis on what has changed; what’s better, what hasn’t really improved at all, and whether or not the game will appeal to those who have already played it. After all, re-releases should have a plethora of updates that make the experience feel, at the very least, partially fresh and new.

In short, it’s a great way to approach this type of product, and we applaud it. Congrats, Rosh!

Why We Like It:

Doesn’t waste time re-reviewing already-existing elements and places a solid emphasis on the updates and additions (or, in some cases, the lack thereof).

—¬†When you get an upgraded version of a widely revered game, it’s easy to let a little bias seep into the review. That doesn’t happen here, as it’s a candid analysis from a confirmed fan of the original offering.

Exhibits a firm understanding of what the fans will be looking for in this Special Edition, and makes sure to tackle those subjects in the text. This results in a knowledgeable, reliable review.

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2 thoughts on “WCCFTech Writes Up an Epic, Top-Tier Skyrim Special Edition Review”

I was SO into Skyrim back when it came out. Probably put at least a hundred hours into it.

I’m just not sure I want to do it again, though…and I’ve got lots of other games to play, so……..

I never liked The Elder Scrolls and I’ve tried to get into every one since Morrowind.

They all just seem so…empty.

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