We Recognize EGM’s Top-Notch Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

The game has an original style and vibe, but it falls short in regards to execution.

The game has an original style and vibe, but it falls short in regards to execution.

It had a ton of promise and while some reviewers believe Murdered: Soul Suspect delivered on that promise, others find it disappointingly flawed.

As expected, there’s a definite mix of positive and lukewarm reviews for Square Enix’s latest. A dark, mostly cerebral thriller in which you must solve the mystery of your own murder, Soul Suspect offers adventure-like gameplay that can be a refreshing change of pace for most gamers.

Unfortunately, as EGM’s Chris Holzworth explains in his well-written, descriptive review, this appreciated innovation doesn’t quite fly. Bogged down by cliches and stereotypes, this ends up being an “underwhelming” experience.


While it has its moments, it seems like the developer didn’t do enough with the intriguing premise.

Why We Like It:

— The critic admits this detective story has a great hook, and offers a hook of his own in the form of a wonderfully creative intro.  Click below to check it out.

Understands the aim of the developers and explains exactly why the game falls short. Critics will often overlook the ambition of the designers, feeling content to simply point out what’s wrong. But this reviewer acknowledges the lofty goals of the developer, and that shows veteran expertise.

— In addition to being very creative, the review is also well-written and nicely paced. Another mark of the veteran critic.

Congrats, Chris!

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3 thoughts on “We Recognize EGM’s Top-Notch Murdered: Soul Suspect Review”

Great review, although I tend to disagree. I think the game is worthy of at least a 7. It actually does something different, and that’s more important than a few cliches and stereotypes.

I can’t decide if I want to spend $60 on this or not…some critics say yes but others, like this guy, are making me think twice…

Damn wildly fluctuating review scores. LOL

When it hits the bargain bin, I’ll get it.

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