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You've earned it.

You’ve earned it.

Can you name ten video game critics off the top of your head? When you remember a review, do you actually remember the name of the source and reviewer, or do you only recall the score?

Game critics have become a very important part of this industry.  There’s a reason why many major publishers offer bonuses and incentives to developers, provided their game earns a certain average review score. There’s a reason former Electronic Arts John Riccitiello frequently said his company’s goal was to produce “90+ games.”

Unless you’re a firmly established, long-running franchise with legions of fans, review scores can have a dramatic impact on sales. Even the heavy-hitters can experience a slide if a new entry only gets a lukewarm reception. Critics spend hours and hours, playing and writing, and yet…

Very often, we have no idea who they are.

Time to take a bow, critics!

Time to take a bow, critics!

Step Up, Be Recognized!

That’s going to change. Video Game Review HQ acknowledges the video game critic because apparently, nobody else will. Where are our accolades and awards for a job well done? Why does virtually every other entertainment medium on earth have critics who enjoy far more exposure and recognition than even the most visible game critic?  We at VGRHQ can’t accept this lack of recognition.

Comprised of current and former journalists, every last one of whom has reviewed his or her fair share of games, dating back to 1999, VGRHQ provides that missing slap on the back. We’re not here to pass judgment; we’ll never bash a critic or a source.  We’ll only honor the polished, accomplished work.  We’ll talk to any critic who’s willing to talk.  We’ll point our readers in the direction of great sources and reviewers.

Thank YEW, thank YEW.

Thank YEW, thank YEW.

How It Works

On the main page, you’ll see Staff Picks in red on the left, and Community Corner in blue on the right.

The Staff Picks are exactly what they sound like.  We’ll scour the ‘Net and locate our favorite reviews, and tell you about ’em.  In the Community Corner, we’ll ask you who you think we should honor.  So, when Halo 5 comes out, we’ll post up a few of our favorite reviews, and also ask you who deserves to be honored.  Whichever source or critic gets the most votes, we’ll contact them and let ’em know how much you care!

If you’re a critic and you haven’t received an introductory email from us, our only defense is that we can’t target every last source on earth right out of the gate. But if you wish to remind us of your hard work, contact us at criticssayhi[at]vgrhq.com.

If you’re a gamer and you want to nominate a particular source or critic, we ask that you do so in the appropriate Community Corner thread.  But if you’re thinking of something more specific, drop us a line at sayhello[at]vgrhq.com.

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