We’re Mad About Polygon’s Great Mad Max Review

It's a bombastic game through and through, but is it worth your time and money?

It’s a bombastic game through and through, but is it worth your time and money?

The movie got great reviews and was widely regarded as one of the most entertaining flicks of the summer. But could the hugely energetic open-world game match that effort? Would developer Avalanche deliver the sandbox goods loaded with intoxicating car combat and hard-hitting, ultimately satisfying melee fighting? Well, it depends on which review you read right now but we happen to enjoy Polygon’s analysis of the recently released Mad Max.

Critic Philip Kollar outlines the game’s pluses and minuses in an engaging, insightful way, letting the reader see what this high-intensity quest is like. It’s clear that if you like the “Mad Max” universe and you’re a fan of open-world games that don’t tax you with too much in the way of detail and micromanagement, you’ll probably have fun with the game. But we also like that the critic notes a definite lack of innovation and progression throughout the experience, which may cause some gamers to become bored or unfulfilled.

We feel it’s important for critics to step up and mention a game’s failings, despite its adherence to tried-and-true formulas. If reviewers keep mindlessly praising open-world games just because it’s open and there’s a lot to do, we’re going to get stuck with very…well, as Kollar put it, “fluff” games. Kudos, Philip.

Kollar is a multiple honoree here at VGRHQ; we last recognized his Tembo review.

Why We Like It:

— The critic shows us simply what to expect: It’s a relatively fun game that simply doesn’t have enough substance. It’s a tidy message for the consumer.

Acknowledges that despite the obvious drawbacks, at least the game still works fine. This lets gamers decide for themselves if the drawbacks override the relative stability of the gameplay.

— Unlike too many reviews that wax rhapsodic or get frequently sidetracked, this is a well-written, well-balanced review. Good job.

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3 thoughts on “We’re Mad About Polygon’s Great Mad Max Review”

I think the game is actually pretty fun. It doesn’t do anything new, that’s for sure, and it can be a little repetitive but otherwise, its plenty entertaining.

How the hell can I be expected to play this when I’ve got MGSV? 😉

Having a lot of fun with this game despite the review. 😀

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