Who Will Deliver the Best Watch Dogs Review?

Watch Dogs is arguably the most anticipated new title on the horizon, and certainly one of the most anticipated of 2014.

The question is: Which critic or source will bring us the best review? Will you go with a source you know and trust, or do you know a specific critic who handles these types of games particularly well?

It’ll be interesting to see how critics approach this game, especially with the controversy surrounding Ubisoft’s upcoming blockbuster. Those low-res, unimpressive gameplay videos haven’t been officially confirmed (the official footage remains pretty great), but they have generated plenty of negative headlines.

It's one of the biggest games of 2014...whose reviews will you read?

It’s one of the biggest games of 2014…whose reviews will you read?

Do you think a critic should ignore such controversy when entering into a review? Or do you believe they should make a point of addressing the issue, simply because it was such a significant issue over the past few months? Then again, maybe you don’t care and you’ve already made up your mind concerning a purchase.

As our Honored Sources list continues to grow, we’ll be sure to check the best critics and sources for blockbuster games! There’s no doubt that we’ll select at least one top-tier Watch Dogs review, so stay tuned.

And when the Watch Dogs reviews do start to flow, feel free to tell us all about your favorites!

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