Why “PS4K” Might End My Console Playing Days

If this is the direction the console world is going, why even bother?

If this is the direction the console world is going, why even bother?

For the record, I’ve been a PlayStation fan since the beginning. I’ve been on board since playing games like Battle Arena Toshinden and Suikoden on the original system. But perhaps more importantly, not being a big tech guy, I’ve always been a fan of console gaming in general. I still remember hearing my friends blather on about video cards and sound cards and drivers and blah blah blah back in the ’90s and I just had to roll my eyes.

Yes, I understood games could always look better and run better on PC. But not only did that platform have few of the games I wanted to play growing up (though I did go through a significant WRPG phase at one point), I just couldn’t get my head around to the fact that it cost that much more for a few extra pixels and a few extra frames per second. I’m just not that anal. Besides, I’ve always liked the big comfy chair and the big screen and above all else, the “press button and play” setup. It’s what I’ve always wanted.

Oh look, upgrade time. THAT was fast.

Oh look, upgrade time. THAT was fast.

While PC gamers were constantly scrambling to buy new parts for their rigs so the latest, greatest game would run optimally (and of course, after the pieces were bought they still had to be installed), I’d sit down, turn on a button and be playing in about two minutes. Sometimes less. I could count on a console going a good five years before I had to upgrade anything; I could count on the games playing correctly and to maximum capacity the instant they went into the system. But in recent years, that has all started to shift. Yes indeed, we’re basically in a PC structure now.

We didn’t have hardware and software updates and patches before; we do now (and the terrible lack of stability when games first launch is obvious). We didn’t have expansions and extra content; we do now. And worst of all, it now seems we have to jump on the “upgrade every few years or get left behind” bandwagon, which I just loathe. The rumors are real, evidently, and we’re already trying to figure out what “PS4K” will actually be. Digital Foundry has a lot to say but none of it made me feel any better; it just left me with a lot of questions and a really uneasy feeling. I’m not sure I even understand Sony’s approach, here.

If we have to shell out again, and only a few years after the system came out...

If we have to shell out again, and only a few years after the system came out…

If there’s no chance of the system natively supporting 4K, what’s the point? If we’re only talking about a minor resolution or FPS upgrade, are we really expected to pay another $300 or something like that? Even if we can call it a “significant” upgrade, it certainly won’t be like jumping from one generation to another, correct? I can see getting excited for a new console; we always did because the expected leap was always huge. This won’t be much of a jump at all and in fact, all it really can remind us of is PC; i.e., the leap my friends got with a new video card back in the day.

No, I don’t want this. Current PS4 owners are going to feel royally screwed if Sony does what I think they’re going to do. Maybe they feel they need to stay relevant with the rumors of a more powerful Xbox and Nintendo’s new console on the horizon. Maybe they believe that most gamers these days are perfectly fine with the PC approach because, let’s face it, we’ve been moving closer and closer to that environment, anyway. And maybe Sony is right. But let me put it this way: I’m seeing plenty of backlash online about this, so Sony can’t be completely right. Nobody I know likes this idea at all and in fact, most are plenty pissed.

Really, if I can get pretty much whatever I want on Steam, and I can put those games on my TV, why should I stick with console? You could argue that it still costs more overall, but if I have to keep upgrading either way, I’m not sure it’ll matter too much. And I hear the price of PC gaming has come down over the years, too. I’ve been a PlayStation lover for the majority of my life and this move could really make me question such loyalty, and my general console preference. That’s all I’m saying, Sony.

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I’m just really surprised at this. I know console gaming has been resembling PC gaming more and more over the years but I never thought we’d see a new console in the middle of a generation. Unless we’re talking about a new generation – and we’re obviously not – I don’t see how current PS4 owners will be any less than pissed.

Just…no. No, Sony. No.

I’ve always liked the idea of being able to count on a console for at least five years, as the article says. I’ve always hated the PC culture where you have to update and tweak constantly. I don’t have the time or money for that…I just want to sit down and play a game when I have spare time. This isn’t my life. I’m not going to pay another big chunk of cash so the games look a little better and play a little better.

Hopefully, this new system is farther off than we think.

I’m on the fence right now.

First of all, we have no idea when this thing is coming out. It might not be out for a few years and if it’s just a Slim, that wouldn’t be totally abnormal. If it’s a little more powerful, that WOULD be abnormal but let’s face it; a lot of people in previous generations upgraded their consoles to the Slim whenever it came out, and that was when the Slim was no different hardware-wise.

On the flip side, if they plan to release it for the holidays this year or something, and gamers feel coerced into buying it because all games will run and look better on this new console (and might help VR), AND it costs somewhere around what the first PS4 cost…then yeah, we have a problem.

I hear they’re coming out with it this year and if THAT’S true, I’m definitely pissed.

Sony better not do what I think they’re going to do, that’s all I have to say.

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