Will Only Gamers Over a Certain Age Play I Am Setsuna?

It's specifically designed for those who remember the golden age of RPGs, so...

It’s specifically designed for those who remember the golden age of RPGs, so…

When I first saw the trailers for I Am Setsuna, I felt like shedding a tear. There have been many old-school-styled role-playing games in recent years (due mostly to the digital explosion of indie titles), but few have actually felt like retro experiences to me. Sure, they may have the sprite graphics and several other traditional elements but the implementation of a few modern mechanics always made it feel like a hybrid.

I Am Setsuna is the first retro RPG I’ve seen that appears to be the ultimate piece of fan service for those who always adored the classic, traditional, turn-based RPGs back in the day. Every aspect seems to be represented, from the world map to the party following each other in a line, to the – let me repeat – turn-based combat. Contrary to popular belief, the latter system isn’t inferior; it’s merely different. That, however, is an argument for a different piece; here, I really have to wonder about the average age of someone who ultimately purchases I Am Setsuna.

One of the big reasons those other old-school RPGs included some modern touches is simply so the developers wouldn’t lose the new generation entirely. That’s the risk with Square Enix’s effort here. There’s just nothing in here that will intrigue those who, in the past year, finished games like The Witcher 3: Wild HuntUncharted 4: A Thief’s End, etc. Obviously, there is no comparison and even if the younger gamer is interested in the history of gaming, the overall experience of I Am Setsuna might be just too alien. I have to conclude that most would find it “boring.”

Therefore, I keep thinking the average player age has to be at least 30, and maybe more like 35. Sure, some teens and gamers in their early 20s might give other retro titles like the “Metroidvania” games (Axiom Verge leaps readily to mind) a shot. After all, they’re still basically action. In this case, we’re talking about a completely different style of role-playing game and in fact, a completely different form of interaction. This is the way RPGs were and virtually no semblance of these classic experiences has remained over the years.

Me, I don’t really care about the answer in my title. I’m going to play it and (hopefully) love it. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Will Only Gamers Over a Certain Age Play I Am Setsuna?”

I don’t care, either, ‘cuz I’m getting it day one. 😀

But I think this article is probably right. We’re talking about an old-school hardcore RPG and these days, just about anyone under a certain age would find them “boring” or “kiddie.”

I’m absolutely certain that almost nobody under 30 will play it. Hell, I doubt many gamers under 30 have even HEARD of it.

I played it! And I’m…okay, I’m 31. I see the point of the article now. 😛

Okay, so this game wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be but it was still lots of fun. And I haven’t changed my original opinion: It’s ONLY for those who remember the golden age of turn-based RPGs with a great fondness. 🙂

I concur. I wish some youngsters would download it and play just because they’re curious but they’ll probably take one look at a gameplay video and laugh.

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