Will Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Neo Drive You to PC Gaming?

If we're getting two new more powerful console options, why not just go for PC?

If we’re getting two new more powerful console options, why not just go for PC?

Everyone’s talking: PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio are coming. Designed to be for “hardcore gamers” and both likely on store shelves before the end of 2017, it tosses a wrench into the standard console works. We know Sony is launching the new PlayStation 4 due, at least in part, to the upcoming PlayStation VR initiative (if you don’t care about VR, will you still want “PS4K?”), but Microsoft just looks like they want to eclipse everyone in the power department and Xbox One wasn’t cutting it.

Now, some time ago, a colleague of mine wrote about how the confirmation of Sony’s upgraded system might end his console playing days. This was before Microsoft came forward with the Scorpio news and now, one has to wonder: How many long-time console fans are going to gravitate toward PC? One of the biggest appeals of console gaming has always been its longevity and accessibility. In other words, if you’re a console gamer, you’ve never had to worry about upgrading for at least five years. In the case of last generation 7, even 8 years.

Things certainly have changed a bit, haven't they?

Things certainly have changed a bit, haven’t they?

Now, things are definitely happening sooner; there will only be a 3-4 year gap between the original and updated machines. Furthermore, the new consoles won’t be replacing the original models, which makes everything feel evenĀ more like the PC realm. How “hardcore” are you? Want a better gaming rig? Well, you have to go buy one. If you don’t, your friend who does will have a better experience with the very same game. Maybe at first you won’t care but as developers continue to take advantage of that extra power with new games, it’s gonna really start to chafe.

And when all is said and done, what are the big differences between console and PC at this point? Both require patches and software and hardware updates these days, both tend to thrive on online multiplayer, both are hinging more on digital delivery (PC is almost entirely digital-based, of course, but consoles will eventually catch up), and both can be played on a big TV screen with just about any controller you wish. I suppose it’s trickier for PC players to do this, and many might still just prefer the old-fashioned office chair and keyboard-and-mouse setup.

The ultimate war has changed significantly over the years. Now, it's closer than ever.

The ultimate war has changed significantly over the years. Now, it’s closer than ever.

But for console gamers, the entire hobby is starting to feel very much like the PC world. I have a feeling that instead of upgrading to these new consoles, some might consider simply diving into the PC realm, where they can have complete control over their updating. The press-a-button-and-play appeal is still a big one on the console side but really, how hard is it to kick off a game on PC these days? How many games are available? A million? Yeah, you’ll still miss some serious gems that might be exclusive to consoles (I couldn’t pass upĀ Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, for instance), but aside from that…

I just wouldn’t be surprised to see some veteran gamers shaking their heads over this whole Scorpio/Neo thing and going, “May as well go PC. At this point, what the fu**’s the difference?” With these upgraded consoles, even the cost seems to be evening out. And with all things being equal, why shy away from the one platform that remains the most versatile and has the most potential?

4 thoughts on “Will Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Neo Drive You to PC Gaming?”

I don’t know, I sort of do both, though I have been playing more on PC lately. I’m not interested in the new PS4 and Xbox at ALL, though and I don’t think I’m the only veteran gamer who’s saying that……..

I can do without either upgrade, to be honest with you. I’m perfectly fine with the PS4 and I don’t feel the need to get the PS4 Neo or PlayStation VR. And because Xbox never has any games I want to play, Xbox Scorpio isn’t even on my radar. As for PC, it’s not for me and never will be, regardless of how the console industry is going.

I will always hate PC gaming, no matter how close the two get. At least with consoles I don’t have the aggravations you still have with PC.

I’d much rather get the PS4 Neo than upgrade to a gaming PC and I have my reasons for that, as many gamers do, I expect.

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