Will You Get PS4 “Neo” Even If You Have Zero Interest in VR?

Will the new PS4 appeal to gamers who don't plan to get PlayStation VR?

Will the new PS4 appeal to gamers who don’t plan to get PlayStation VR?

There’s a good chance Sony will unveil the oft-discussed PS4K or “PS4 Neo” at E3 this month (or so we hear), but reactions may range widely from excitement to flat-out disgust.

We still don’t know enough about this new system to pass judgment, of course, but most agree the upgrade exists due in part to the upcoming PlayStation VR. Some even say the new PS4 is coming almost entirely because of Sony’s new virtual reality endeavor. We’ve known for a while that the standard PS4 can’t handle VR, which is why PSVR comes with that Wii-shaped box that provides a necessary boost. Will we need that box with PS4 Neo…?


Well, that’s another question but here, we’re simply asking: If you have no interest in PlayStation VR, would you still get this upgraded console? Would there be enough incentive? We’re hearing differing reports as to the increased capabilities of the system; if it turns out to be a relatively minor update, few PS4 owners will want to spend another $400 (or $500). After all, if PS4 Neo does indeed arrive this holiday season, it would launch only three years after the first PS4 hit store shelves in 2013.

Most say it’s just not long enough and they’re not prepared to upgrade yet. And VR just isn’t sweetening the deal. On the other hand, if PS4 Neo can boast significant and visible increases in both visual quality and performance, won’t that be enough to tempt the avid gamers out there? Analysts are saying the new system is designed with the “core gaming crowd” in mind, which implies the hardcore players out there will be on board. But what if they’re not? Will PS4 Neo sales hinge almost entirely on sales of PlayStation VR?

Is "PS4.5" good enough for even hardcore gamers?

Is “PS4.5” good enough for even hardcore gamers?

From a personal standpoint, it does seem ridiculous to fork over more money so soon into a new console generation. It really does feel very PC-like to me and I’m not a fan. Also, if the improvements in question really don’t have a big enough impact, I plan to hold off for a long time. Just about everyone I know feels the same way. In fact, even if they are interested in VR, they don’t like the idea of basically having to pay a full $1,000 for both PSVR and the PS4 Neo. Everyone seemed pretty happy with the price point for Sony’s VR device but now they’re telling us that isn’t actually the price point…right?

Well, no. You can still enjoy PSVR with the basic PS4. Okay then, why do I need PS4 Neo? See how we keep going around in circles here? I guess we just have to know more about this new console but these questions are critical for Sony, and for the success of the new system. It has been a lukewarm reception at best thus far and the coming months will tell us a lot.

7 thoughts on “Will You Get PS4 “Neo” Even If You Have Zero Interest in VR?”

Short answer: No.

I mean, not immediately. I don’t see any reason to “upgrade” when it barely qualifies as an upgrade. I’m perfectly fine with the way my games look and play on PS4. How much better would PS4 Neo make Uncharted 4? Seriously?

LOL Exactly. I can’t see PS4 Neo making something like Uncharted 4 visibly better.

But then again, Uncharted 4 wasn’t made for the new system. THAT’S my worry…when developers start creating new games that take advantage of the upgraded PS4, which would make the version on the base model obviously inferior.

Let’s just hope that doesn’t happen any time soon, m’kay? 😛

I have no interest in PlayStation VR and no interest in PS4 Neo.

That should make things simple for you, Sony.

I can’t tell you if I’ve got an interest in the PS4 Neo yet…I need to learn more about. What I DON’T want is a slightly more powerful system for $500.

That’s for damn sure.

I won’t pay $500 for even a significantly upgraded system. At least not this year.

The short answer to the title is “no.” I don’t care about VR at all. But if the PS4 Neo really makes games better, I feel like I’ll be coerced into getting it…and that annoys the crap out of me. It’s too early for a new system, plain and simple.

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