World of Final Fantasy’s Best Review Can Be Found at GamesBeat

Is it a win for veteran fans of the legendary IP and newcomers alike?

Is it a win for veteran fans of the legendary IP and newcomers alike?

Final Fantasy is one of those iconic names in the video game industry that can incite the gamut of reactions. For instance, while many are excited for Final Fantasy XV (scheduled to release at the end of November), others are convinced it’ll be awful. Such is the polarizing nature of any given release in this legendary yet increasingly controversial franchise. So, could a cutesy-looking off-shoot title like World of Final Fantasy succeed?

Well, it depends on the review you read but in general, the game has earned a relatively warm critical reception. Our favorite review can be found at GamesBeat, where critic Jason Wilson writes up a stellar analysis. He combines an excellent introduction – which includes helpful comparisons to other big-name IPs, such as Pokemon and Dragon Quest – with an appealing and entertaining structure. GamesBeat has taken to separating their reviews into simple “What You’ll Like” and “What You Won’t Like” sections, which isn’t a bad idea, strategically speaking.

It’s just a great evaluation, as it’s both inviting and comprehensive. Congrats, Jason!

Why We Like It:

Remains enjoyable yet informative throughout, which isn’t always easy to do. Critics often have difficulty blending the details with engaging writing.

The review’s tone clearly reflects the lighthearted nature of the product in question, thereby making the entire analysis that much more accurate.

— Even though long-running IPs can prompt critics to get a bit more personal in their reviews, or go off on long-winded historical tangents, this critic sticks to script and doesn’t get caught up in comparisons or mountains of subjectivity.

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3 thoughts on “World of Final Fantasy’s Best Review Can Be Found at GamesBeat”

I have no idea what this is supposed to be, really. I played the demo and I guess it’s Pokemon with classic FF characters and enemies and things like that. But I don’t get it…if you’re old enough to know and appreciate all the characters and lore, why the fuck would you want to play a game that looks like it was made for 9-year-olds?

And as for the 9-year-olds, they have no clue who Squall and Bartz and all those people are, so why should THEY care? I just never understand who Square Enix think their audience is for a FF game these days.

I might try it but I have no expectations. If it’s a fun little spin-off that I can enjoy and maybe take my mind off the travesty that will be FFXV, I’d be okay with that.

I’m sorry but no. Just no.

Good review, though. 😛

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