Your Chance to Scream: “This is What’s WRONG With Critics Today!”


Come on, you know you want to…

You know you’ve got something to say.

All gamers have something to say concerning the process of reviewing video games. Arguments abound concerning the “proper” way to issue an analysis, and we all have varying opinions and viewpoints. Common topics of debate include whether or not critics are “bought off” by publishers, which elements critics should weigh heaviest, and whether or not a game must be completed before providing the public with a review.

And while we at VGRHQ honor a critic’s hard work, we also ask the community who they think we should honor. We’re interested in what the reading and consuming populace has to say. Therefore, we want to give a vocal fan the chance to speak out; we’ll give them a platform and let them rant!

Rant, rave, have your say!

Rant, rave, have your say!

As a brand new site, we’re looking to build our community. We want civil, mature individuals who simply like to discuss video game reviews in general. To kick things off, we’re giving you a little incentive to get involved with VGRHQ. We’re holding a little “community drive,” so-to-speak and if you’re selected, we’ll publish your rant. It takes seconds to qualify:

1. Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter.

2. Sign up for the site and post a comment or two.

That’s it. We’ll randomly select someone who joins up with us, and we’ll give them the following:

— A chance to write up a rant about game critics, which we’ll publish and feature on the site

— A $25 GameStop gift card

It’s not much but it’s fun, isn’t it? 😉 Of course, you can also just rant and rave about critics in the Comments section below as well. We’ve got nothing against that.

3 thoughts on “Your Chance to Scream: “This is What’s WRONG With Critics Today!””

I know EXACTLY what’s wrong:

Everyone has different opinions and critics sometimes let those opinions dictate the score. Thats not fair to the readers.

Just because you don’t LIKE something doesn’t mean its bad. I remember reading a review of an RTS game and the critic hated it. Obviously it was a good game and obviously, the only reason the game got a low score is because the reviewer didn’t like RTS.

I don’t see it happen as often with bigger sites that can assign different games to multiple reviewers. It still happens though.

I stick to critics I know and trust. It’s that simple. I know what I’m going to get, and I can rely on the information and advice.

I don’t understand why more people don’t do this. Rather than use Metacritic or something like that, which includes a ton of opinions that I DON’T trust, I just stick to a few sources that have proven themselves.

I agree. Stick to the critics who have served you well over the years and you’re better off than just looking at some score average.

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