About Us

Video Game Review HQ (VGRHQ) is a pat on the back.  It’s a “job well done” exclamation.  It’s what this industry has so sorely needed for years.

The video game critic often goes unrecognized.  The majority of gamers remember a score a game received, and they’ll usually remember the source.  The actual name of the critic?  Not anywhere near as often.

All other entertainment industries recognize and honor their critics. There are awards for the best movie, music, book, and TV critics. What do we have?

We have Video Game Review HQ.

Who We Are

We’re a small group of former and current video game journalists and critics.  The combined professional experience amounts to over 77 years, 42 industry events attended, 11 different websites, and 3 different newspapers.

We choose to remain entirely anonymous because VGRHQ is about honoring the critic.  It’s not about us.  It’s not about critics passing judgment on critics, either.  You will never see us bash a critic, a review, or a source.  We only seek to applaud those who work so hard, and there are a lot of deserving individuals out there.

Who We Honor

Anyone who obviously loves video games, loves to write great reviews, and does the gaming public a service each and every day.  This doesn’t just include reviewers from major sources; it includes critics from the smallest sites.  We like nothing more than pointing out little-known critics with a ton of drive and promise!

If you’re a critic and you want to show us your best work, feel free to contact us at criticssayhi[at]vgrhq.com.  We can’t wait to hear from you and check out your very best reviews!