About Us (VGR Team)

We are your VGR Team: Vikki, George and Riley.

You are currently visiting our headquarters (HQ): welcome to VGRHQ.com.

V for Vikki

Vikki is the head of the blog and we seriously call her “V”. She is not the bossy type but if you don’t follow her instructions, you might end up working most boring tasks.

She mostly researches and writes about TV and Movie sections of our website but she also jumps other categories time to time.

VGRHQ - Vikki

G for George

George is our nerd and he is happy with it. He loves playing video games and watching anime, hence he is here with us and trying to answer as much as questions in his gaming and anime articles.

VGRHQ - George

R for Riley

We could not be working happily without Riley. She is the one brings sudden coffee breaks and warn us if we don’t stand up more than an hour.

She is supporting our team with her extensive researches, but she is also able to create content about everything. All teams need someone like her; kind of a joker, a lovely joker.

VGRHQ - Riley

Our team is not limited to Editors above. We also have a web designer and come and go partners, but they would prefer to stay in the background.

As you can see, VGRHQ Team experts in different subjects that help us to design best quality content. We answer as much as questions we can. We try to use various sources to create entertaining but informative articles. If you have any questions, just contact us!