Mission Statement

Video Game Review HQ (VGRHQ) will honor any and all video game critics who are dedicated to their craft.

Whereas professional critics in other industries often receive plenty of accolades and are well-known to fans, the game critic often goes unsung. Given the fact that many games sink or swim based on review scores (there’s a reason why game publishers often offer bonuses to designers for games that score high), this isn’t really fair.

I get paid to play and you don't! Nyah, nyah!

I get paid to play and you don’t! Nyah, nyah!

Yeah, we know what some gamers think:

“Bah.  They get paid to play games.  They’ve got the easiest jobs in the world.”

At VGRHQ, we know that for the majority of the time, the latter part just isn’t true. Many reviewers don’t get paid at all and of those who do, only a small handful can call it a full-time job.  Furthermore, gamers forget that there’s a lot of crap out there.  It also takes a lot of time to issue a proper review, as games are – of course – a great deal longer than movies, music albums, etc.

The bottom line:

99% of critics aren’t exactly getting rich out there, so they at least deserve our recognition!!!

Many thanks to all you game critics out there!

We’ll bring all the hard-working video game critics into the limelight.  We’ll show off their works, give a nod to their publications, and say, “job well done, good sir (or ma’am, as the case may be).” We’ll search around for highly accomplished reviews, and we encourage our readers to do the same. 

We’ve got a Staff Picks section and a Community Corner.  Both will be used to give critics that pat on the back; our staff will make selections for one, and our community will make their voices heard for the other. Sign up and get involved now; don’t let your favorite critic or website go unacknowledged for one more minute!