PS4 Sold 10 Million Thanks to Hype, Not Performance

The PlayStation 4 is super hot right now, but is it riding on the coattails of last year's hype?

The PlayStation 4 is super hot right now, but is it riding on the coattails of last year’s hype?

Sony recently announced that the PlayStation 4 has officially sold 10 million units worldwide. It’s beyond what they expected and after losing its domineering foothold last generation, it appears to be the start of a great PlayStation revival.

However, whyย exactly has Sony’s new console sold so well? On the one hand, it’s obvious that the PS4 launch was leaps and bounds ahead of the horrid PS3 launch. Not only did the new system debut at a price point $200ย below its predecessor, but it also – and most importantly – met demand. There were precious few PS3s available at the start of the previous generation and while Sony still couldn’t quite meet demand for the PS4, they had several million ready to go.

Those are all good things, and they definitely factored into the console’s success. That all being said, is it enough to fully explain such a stellar performance? Although Microsoft hasn’t released official sales figures for the Xbox One, it’s feasible that PS4 has outsold the new Xbox by nearly a 2:1 ratio. PS4 continues to win in the US, too, which is extremely significant, as the Xbox 360 dominated this region.

The PS4 is one hot item, but is it because of what it offers, or what it was purported to offer?

The PS4 is one hot item, but is it because of what it offers, or what it was purported to offer?

But when you step back and compare the two systems, the sales numbers seem to indicate a bigger gap than there really is. Both consoles appear to be quite reliable, as we haven’t heard much in way of hardware disaster stories for either side. Now that Xbox One has dropped to $399, both consoles are the same price (and Xbox One still couldn’t outsell the PS4 in the US, even after the price cut). Perhaps most notably, exclusives for both systems have been found lacking.

Right now, you can’t really say that one console “owns” the exclusive software race. In fact, one could argue thatย Titanfall is the best exclusive piece of next-gen software to date (going by its Metascore), and it’s on the Xbox One side. And yes, we’re aware the game is available on Xbox 360 and PC, but it was always marketed as being a true “next-gen” experience for consoles.ย inFamous: Second Son didn’t fare quite so well with critics, and most other exclusives for both systems were disappointments.

So, how is PS4 selling the way it is? Answer: Quite frankly, it appears to be selling based on last year’s accumulated positive hype, and Xbox One is still suffering from a lot of bad press in 2013. Based on all the evidence, there’s really no other way to explain it right now.

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This is absolutely true. I know all the PlayStation lovers will freak out over it but let’s face it, what reason is there to own a PlayStation 4 RIGHT NOW? I can’t really think of one unless you’re a die-hard inFamous fan. Same goes for Xbox One but that system hasn’t sold anywhere near as well, and it’s all because of 2013 headlines.

I don’t really think you’re being fair, and I also think this article is dismissing the importance of what it mentioned: The FAR better PS4 launch.

The PS3 launch was an epic fail. Comparatively, the PS4 launch was unbelievably great. We really have no idea how the PS3 would’ve sold right out of the gate because nobody could buy it.

This article makes a strong point, as much as I love PlayStation. I haven’t really used my PS4 too much since I got it at launch and my friends are in pretty much the same boat. We could’ve waited a year, no problem.

There’s something to be said for crazy hype and great marketing. It was ALL about PlayStation last year and that has led to an early lead; I think that’s the long and short of it.

I guess if you think about it logically, this probably isn’t far from the truth. But going down the road, I’m still convinced the PS4 will separate itself from the Xbox One and prove why it’s THE console for the TRUE gamers. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s not hype, it’s:

-Better design
-Better hardware
-Better exclusives
-Better Multiplats
-Better Indies
-Better FTP
-Better social features
and always PlayStation is a way stronger brand,..

Quite frankly I am surprised it is only a bit more than 2:1 right now.

The ps4s success is not due to hype. Or, give examples of said hype? Between console gamers? No, that is not hype, that is gamers shelling out money on stronger hardware to buy THE top selling franchises released. COD and BF4 and perhaps madden and FIFA.
THE top selling games ARE multiplat.
Add growth and boom. Sales.
The xbox has 4 years of a pretty shady business towards gamers with releasing very little that made them stand out. In the comment sections xbox fans were saying that the lack of things coming was due to the new xbox and they finally showed their cards with the exact same continuing circle that was the last 4 years, gamers jumped.
No one knows their sales numbers so guessing is only guessing and everyone knows this is a bad sign for Microsoft.
Time will tell and there is room for things to change but even Microsoft was not ready for this release. Lying about drm is here to stay. Kinect is here to stay. Black tusk is working on a game and they weren’t. Buying out theses third party games. Taking 360 games to fluff the launch.
There was no hype for the ps4 that even comes close to the hype show for titanfall so why didn’t that help? You basically had to read fast fine print to see that it was coming out anywhere else.
Gamers were ready for the new gen especially on the xbox 360 and boom. Microsoft happened.

Yes, the top-selling games are multiplat and those games are basically identical across all platforms. Nobody bought the PS4 instead of the Xbox One because of multiplats…they’re idiots if they did.

And the Titanfall hype didn’t hold a candle to the overall PS4 hype accumulated throughout 2013. Not even close, my friend.

@Cloud ,.. Why are they idiots,..? When every game looks and preforms better on PlayStation 4(which has clearly a better hardware and that was also @ lower price)

And Titanfall hype was absurd,.. Still cannot believe they actually sold it at full price,.. A joke

Well, if Microsoft and their fans didn’t jam in the importance of the disparities of last gens multiplats, of which THAT is what “basically the same” really was, it might have not mattered now.
And I strongly beg to differ my friend, link me to all this hype please. And if there was hype, do you really believe it was the headlines over the xbox one reveal? I think not. And if you believe the hype for titanfall was not greater than anything since COD MW 2, you are sadly mistaken. But by the language you are using and the blind eye you have, there is no point in debating.

Are you insane? Were you living under a rock all last year?

The PlayStation 4 owned just about every positive headline that ever existed. The Xbox One was shat on at every turn after its reveal. When they did a Facebook poll asking which console gamers would buy, it was so lopsided in favor of PS4 (98% to 2%), the poll had to close early.

And the difference between 1080p and 980p has been documented in a dozen different places to be barely negligible to the human eye. Unless you’re absurdly anal, you won’t care in the slightest.

I like the PS4 just fine. But to say the hype for Xbox One superseded the hype for PS4 last year is just…beyond retarded.

I didn’t say the hype for Microsoft dominated, their pitfalls dominated.
Fan favorite, to me is not hype, so I apologize for not explaining my meaning, but people wanting something and favoring something, to me, is not hype… It is truth.
Hype, to me, is, well, titanfall. Bombarded with press over rated reviews and nonstop talking about.
Now, of course everyone was talking, but Microsoft does control a lot of media outlets and spends a boat load of money in advertising and all the sites I visit, Microsoft dominates. Fanbase though and comment sections is a whole other world.

Don’t you even get how ridiculous that sounds? You’re trying to say that all the positive stuff surrounding Titanfall is just hype and therefore meaningless, while everything surrounding the PS4 is just what the fans want. It’s your opinion that Titanfall is overrated. That’s not a fact.

And saying Microsoft makes sites biased by paying them isn’t helping your cause. There’s no evidence of that whatsoever. They’ve got GameStop in their back pocket, that’s for sure, but it’s not like MS buys every website.

Wow, what TRSlayer said. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last iteration, marketed hype. I guess is my point.
Fan favorite vs bought in your face advertisement and media outlet, internet blogs/sites and such.
If you do not think that partnered site have favorites… It is not I that needs,the education in marketing, it is you guys. And guess who is one of the main people you read about in learning about the MBA? Your friend Bill Gates. I know this because I studied marketing, you don’t because enough didn’t.
To each their own. Their business is struggling vs the competition, jot mine.

Dude, whatever. You obviously have a bug up your ass about Microsoft and are so biased you’ve lost all sense of objectivity.

As an owner of all next-gen consoles, you are 100% correct. The PS4 has been the single most underwhelming console I’ve ever owned. At least with the PS2 I had SSX.

The OS is nearly feature-less, and the games library is 90% junk, 10% recycled games.

Compared to what? The jumbled mess of the xbox one os during its first 4 months? The lack of features outside of the United States? 360 games pulled to the xbox one? A forza that didn’t even match the previous iterations full game? Bought third party deal that the creators of the game weren’t even aware of? The contestant goal post moving and 180s? What exactly is making the ps4 look underwhelming?

rudero, it’s pretty obvious that you just signed up to bash the Xbox brand. That’s not how it works around here.

You think Xbox One was the only console to pull games from the previous generation and put it on the new system? Gee, what was all that about The Last Of Us: Remastered, then?

Nobody here, including the author of the article, is slamming on Sony. It’s merely a hypothetical question and argument and if you’re not civil or educated enough to debate it properly, don’t bother.

How is stating truths slamming? Is facts not true against people who are slamming consoles as well? “No games” not true. “Crappy xmb” not true.
Porting a game vs two e3s of promising new ips for the 360 fan base that grew over 7-8 yrs just to pull the games and not even give them ports?
The question is why is sony dominating in sales, I am stating facts and opinion over just “hype”.
Hype is not the factor in sales especially over a media and internet beast like Microsoft.
But good points you made in dissecting the point rather than pulling the “picking on Microsoft” card.

To add, if we can not face the facts how can things be mended?
I have bought ALL consoles until the xbox one and I won’t buy until they create a need that looks future proof to me as a gamer.
Humble pie taste the best when you do except failure. People win out of this. I don’t care about resolutions and I don’t care about the future they wanted. What I care about was the way their fan base was treated. I listed things that made me say no, according to comment sections, those people said no and, according to sales people are saying no.

Hype is ALWAYS a major factor. In fact, it’s basically the determining factor. Take a marketing class, please.

“Hype” isn’t about a bunch of Internet morons bitching at each other. It’s about generating a widespread, far-reaching positive word-of-mouth campaign among consumers. Even non-gamers knew the PS4 had the obvious edge going into the new generation. What’s that tell you? The idea that Microsoft is some sort of domineering presence in the marketing world is a fallacy. They are not immune to negative campaigning. No company is.

You just proved my point with your Xbox rant. You said no because of the NEGATIVE “hype” surrounding the Xbox One. Hype isn’t based on rumors. It’s simply marketing. You’re not interpreting the word correctly, I think, or at least you’re not interpreting it the way VGRHQ did in this article.

Despite what I said to rudero, I will add that it’s just plain stupid to say that 90% of the PS4 library is junk.

Guess that means 95% of the Xbox One library is junk then.

This does seem to be the case. I love having all the systems, but I admit that I like the X1 the most of the three. It’s the better all around system (controller, UI, achievement system), it has the best network which is important moving into this gen, and as of right now it has the best line up of games IMO (and most that I talk to).

This isn’t to say that PS4 is a bad system or anything, just that it’s not as good as the hype…and it seems like whenever you ask someone why the PS4 is so much better (9 times out of 10 they don’t have an X1) and they feed you a marketing line. It’s almost always that they have better hardware…which is true, but so far that difference isn’t even NEARLY as dramatic as most would have you believe. In a blind test, most of the time you couldn’t tell which is which.

So the blind marketing statements, and how OVER-aggressively and childish most people attack you for simply saying that PS4 is not the best or that X1 isn’t horrible…these things are clues that it actually has little to nothing to do with the actual systems, but more with the fact that someone bought the “hype” and don’t want to admit they should have been more open-minded.

How are Achievements any different than Trophies?

The rest of your analysis is entirely subjective. Most people do NOT agree that the Xbox One controller is better (Xbox has never had a better controller than the Dual Shock series, as far as I’m concerned), and the UI isn’t better, either.

The only objective things that can be said are in favor of PS4; the fact that multiplats are definitely better on that system, that it will absolutely have better exclusives (as all PlayStation consoles have had), and that PlayStation Plus is a VASTLY better program than Xbox Live, which offers nothing compared to what Plus offers.

agreed that PS Plus is way WAAAAY better than Live…


Well you also have to account for groups of people. So if one or two friends get a system it’s likely their other friends will get the same one. This spreads through a single high school and you’ve started a trend. If there is a trend for a certain brand it can take the market by storm. On top of which Sony actually seemed to make a new founded effort at advertising and guess what? It’s working! And, Microsofts initial and massive failure at E3 did not help matters. That was a PR nightmare even after they changed it.

I think the fact you have to also account for is that the PS4 hype was not a Sony creation… It was a ground swell of support from media and Average Joe User after the respective launches. Im not saying ps4 is perfect, not by any stretch of the imagination, I do not even own one yet… There are no games i NEED until NHL15, but Microsoft layed an early egg, and now they have to deal with it. The XBone is kinda the Edsel of our age. ๐Ÿ™‚

No offense intended at all, but I think that’s the very first time I’ve ever heard someone say their first must-have next-gen game is NHL 15. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And saying the Xbox One is the Edsel of our age is inaccurate. Its success is inevitable; the Edsel’s never was. Heh.

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