Does Willie know Jamie is his father?

Shortly after learning that Jamie Fraser is his father, William met Jane Pocock in a brothel in Philadelphia.

What happens to Jamie’s son Willie in Outlander?

Jamie was forced to admit that William was his son in order to save his life, but William denied it and took responsibility for his actions.It looked as though the Cherokee might kill the boy, but they just cut him and left them with a warning.

Does Ian know William is Jamie’s son?

William and Ian both have feelings for Rachel Hunter, so he asked Ian to give his regards to her.He knows that William is Jamie’s son, but he doesn’t want it to show on his face.Ian’s feelings for Rachel are getting stronger.

Does Jamie get Willie?

Sadly, William’s birth resulted in the death of his mother, and as Jamie was unable to step up given his position at the house, Lord John Grey agreed to raise William as his own.Jamie and his son haven’t seen each other in a long time, so we think their reunion is going to be emotional.

Does Jamie tell Claire about Willie?

Jamie tells her about Willie.Jamie explained that he didn’t tell her sooner because he didn’t want her to think he had more illegitimate children.She would think he didn’t love her as much as he did.

Does Willie know Jamie is his father?

He is angry with his stepmom, who has been lying to him for years.Shortly after learning that Jamie Fraser is his father, William met Jane Pocock in a brothel in Philadelphia.

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How many kids do Claire and Jamie have?

It’s two if we’re looking for a straight answer.Faith and Brianna are the biological children of Jamie and Claire.The baby was stillborn in France.Mother Hildegardebaptized the child despite it being against the law, and Jamie never got to see her.

Why does Claire marry John GREY?

Lord John Grey had to protect her because she was going to be arrested for espionage.He married her to protect her.

Is Lord John Grey in love with Jamie?

Jamie rejects Grey’s advances.Grey can’t dismiss his feelings.

Does William know Jamie is his father?

Shortly after learning that Jamie Fraser is his father, William met Jane Pocock in a brothel in Philadelphia.

Who does Jamie cheat on Claire with?

Jamie told Mary MacNab about his one-night tryst with her before he turned himself in to authorities.

What caused Claire’s miscarriage?

The trauma of seeing Jamie and Black Jack Randall’s duel caused a woman to deliver her child too early and she almost died in the hospital.

Why is Jamie’s ghost watching Claire?

It’s a projection of Jamie as he has a vision of the future when he dreams of things in the future.

Does Jamie sleep with Lord John?

Jamie had given a similar anniversary gift to her a decade earlier.She and John slept together a week after their marriage.Both of them admitted that they are using each other to connect with Jamie’s memory.

Who does Jamie marry after Claire?

After the end of the second season, fans were left devastated by the separation of Jamie andClaire.

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Why did Claire marry Lord John?

After she thought Jamie was dead, she married the Lord in order to gain protection.When Jamie came back, he was surprised at what he found.

Why was Claire’s hair cut?

The haircutting was part of the process.Malva wanted to make her unattractive.She wanted Jamie to turn to her instead of his wife.From the way she worried about Jamie seeing her with short hair, we can see that.

Why is Black Jack Randall obsessed with Jamie?

Black Jack was obsessed with Jamie after raiding his home at Lallybroch where the Scotsman stood up for himself and his sister.Jamie was badly injured after he administered a second flogging while he was still recovering from an earlier whipping.

Why did Claire sleep with the King?

6.Jamie was freed from the Bastille by King Louis XV.Jamie is imprisoned in the Bastille for fighting Black Jack Randall in Paris.She went to meet the king and plead for him to let Jamie go so they could return to Scotland.

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