How can I stretch in GTA Vice City?

Candy Suxxx’s gold colored Stretch can only be obtained in the mission Martha’s Mug Shot.Shoot the driver in the head after the movie is over.Trying to pull the driver out of the locked vehicle wouldn’t be an option.

What is a Stretch car in GTA?

The limo variant of the Albany Washington is based on the Lincoln Town Car in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.The secondary color of the Stretch can be found in the lower border of the car.

Where can I find Stretch in GTA San Andreas?

The Wang Cars showroom is in San Fierro.Before the player takes possession of the vehicle, it is recommended that you visit the Payn’n Spray in Doherty to make sure the damage isn’t worse.Delivery in perfect condition will get you $40,000.

Which is the hardest mission in Vice City?

The demolition man is the hardest mission in Vice City.The players have seven minutes to plant bombs in a construction site.

What is the heaviest car in GTA 5?

The Rhino tank is not viable in the current metagame.It’s the heaviest vehicle in the game.Since the first game, this powerful tank has been a staple of the series.

What is the shortest car in GTA?

The Panto is the smallest car in the game.The Panto has a low tolerance for water and will short out in the storm drain.

Who killed Stretch in GTA 5?

YING UP LOOSE ENDS.At this point, the decision is made that Franklin, Michael, and Stretch will kill the Chinese mob boss.

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Can you remove tattoos San Andreas?

Existing tattoos can be removed at the tattoo parlors.

Which is the most powerful gun in GTA Vice City?

The Colt Python is the clear winner of the two handguns that Vice City has.It’s one of the most powerful handguns in the game, but you need to plan carefully before using it.High recoil means you can’t fire it while running.

How can I fly in GTA Vice City?

There is a plane behind the studios.Press “F” to get into the plane.Press “W” in the aircraft to move forward.Pressing “6” on the number pad will cause you to take off, instead of popping a wheelie.

What is the loudest vehicle in GTA?

The big exhaust of Zentorno is loud.

Who is the tallest in GTA?

Claude.There is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 3 where you go meet a man named Claude who is around 6’2 and a half, and even though he is in a relaxed position, he dwarfs his opponent, who is around 6’2 and a half.

What is the heaviest car in GTA?

The Rhino tank is not viable in the current metagame.It’s the heaviest vehicle in the game.

What is the weirdest car in GTA?

The Pegassi Toreador is weaponized with machine guns, missiles and even torpedoes.The car is based on a concept car.You will be surprised by how often you need a car that can swim.

What is the saddest death in GTA?

Kate and Roman were accidentally killed by the assassin who was sent to kill Niko.Watching Roman lying on the road lifeless was heartbreaking.Roman came through for Niko when he needed him.

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Can you be a cop in San Andreas?

There is no way to become a police officer in Grand Theft Auto.Wearing the uniform won’t fool officers, and vigilance missions don’t make the player a police officer.Pretending to be one is just as enjoyable.

Should I take out Dr Friedlander or let him go?

Friedlander will drop $2023 and an internet news article will confirm his death.Leave him, the internet news article about his death will still appear.Friedlander will send Michael an e-mail after a while, telling him to forget about what happened and move on.

Who is the main villain in Vice City?

The main villain of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is Sonny Forelli.An old friend of Tommy Vercetti, Sonny is the Don of the Forelli crime family, and presumably was friends with Tommy before 1971, when he sent him to Harwood to kill one man.

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