Is GIYU stronger than Tanjiro?

Giyu is a more powerful demon slayer than Tanjiro because he was able to take down the demon that nearly killed both of them.

Who is stronger than Giyu?

Giyu was not as strong as Sabito.He saved his fellow demon slayers.Giyu said that if Sabito survived the exam, he would be the Water Pillar.Tanjiro was tasked with convincing Giyu to attend the Pillar Training sessions.

Is Giyu the most powerful?

Giyu Tomioka is a skilled swordsman, but he isn’t the strongest.The theory is affirmed by both the Manga and anime.The strongest Hashira is none other than Gyomei Himejima.The Stone Hashiras has more power than his peers.

Does Tanjiro fight Giyu?

There is a battle between the Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado and the Water Hashira Giyu Tomioka against the Upper Rank Three Akaza.

Who is Tanjiro stronger than?

Final thoughts.Tanjiro is stronger than Zenitsu.Tanjiro beats Zenitsu in every relevant category to the question, whether fans see it or not.It would be hard to power scale and compare two characters because of the unique powers of Demon Slayer.

Who is the top 1 Hashira?

There is a person named Gyomei.The strongest Hashira is named Gyomei Himejima.Zenitsu, Inosuke and Tanjiro all agree that he is the strongest member of the Demon Slayer Corps.His strength was shown during the fight.

Who kills akaza?

The Hino Kagura: Setting Sun Transformation was decapitated by Tanjiro.Akaza wondered if Tanjiro had a fighting spirit, comparing it to fighting against a plant.He acknowledges that Tanjiro was faster than he was.

Can Zenitsu beat Tanjiro?

If you compare Tanjiro to Zenitsu, you know who would win in a fight.Tanjiro’s confidence alone would allow him to beat the other boy, but his skill with a sword would help as well.

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Is Zenitsu the fastest Demon Slayer?

Zenitsu is not one of the fastest characters in the game.During the Entertainment District arcs, he was able to keep up with Daki.

Is Sleeping Zenitsu stronger than Tanjiro?

Tanjiro is stronger than Zenitsu because he uses Sun Breathing.

Who is the fastest Hashira?

The second strongest Hashira is Tengen Uzui.Tengen Uzui is proud.He is prone to selfishness.He is a kind and caring man with great love for his wives as well as the other Hashira.

Which Hashira quit?

The Generational Flame Hashira Record, which had been passed down from generation to generation in the Rengoku family, was torn apart by Shinjuro before his retirement.

Who are the 2 surviving Hashira?

Sanemi Shinazugawa was able to survive because his father wouldn’t let him go to Hell.The Wind Hashira was one of the few survivors of the bloodbath.Sanemi and his brothers fought against Kokushibo.

Is Akaza Muzan’s favorite?

One of Muzan’s favorite demons was Akaza.Akaza’s loyalty to his master is the reason for this.The Upper Rank 1 and 2 didn’t like the idea of the Upper Rank Three demon being sent away on special missions.

Who can beat Tanjiro?

Giyu is one of the most combat proficient Demon Slayers in the series.His strength and abilities are portrayed as a cut above the rest of Hashira, solidifying his expected victory against Tanjiro.

Who is the fastest Demon Slayer?

Tengen Uzui may or may not be the most powerful Hashira, but he is certainly the fastest of them, and even the Upper Moons would be hard-pressed to match his movements in battle.

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Is Tanjiro Hashira level?

Although Tanjiro does reach Hashira-level powers and completes most of the training, he never actually became a Hashira.

Who is the 3rd fastest Hashira?

Many fans will be surprised to see Gyomei in the third spot.He is the third-fastest Hashira in the corps.Fans think he is more of a strength-oriented Hashira because of his tall, muscular, and enormous stature.

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