Is Shoko a boy?

Shko Nishimiya is the female lead of the series.

What does Komi mean in Japanese?

A word.The person said, “Komi.”I’m the first person to present a singular present.

What is Shoko’s first name?

Shoko Ieiri is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

Is A Silent Voice ok for 11 year olds?

It isn’t recommended for children under 14 years old because of the mature and disturbing themes in the movie.

Why was Shoya’s mother’s ear bleeding?

After Miyako paid for the hearing aids that Shya had lost, Yaeko hit Miyako so hard that she ripped one of her earrings out and tore her earlobe.Despite this confrontation, Shya and Shko became friends and bond over their bad luck with men.

Can shouko speak?

Is it safe to assume that Shouko has always been able to understand people when they’re talking slowly?In the Ferris Wheel scene, Ueno said that she would speak slowly and that she would make sure that Shouko understood what she was saying.

Is Shoko a Japanese name?

Shoko means Bright, Clear, Happiness in Japanese and is a female name.

Who is the girl in Gojo’s team?

Shoko Ieiri is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

How much did Gojo pay Mei?

It was said that she must be talking from personal experience.When Gojo’s first years are over, he transfers 10 million of his own money to her bank account and says that he relies on her.

What anime is kid friendly?

It was spirited away.Howl’s moving castleThere is a movie called The Last Airbender.Totoro is my neighbor.

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Can a 10 year old watch your name?

The movie is suitable for teenagers.There are upsetting scenes and themes in the story.

Who does Ishida end up with?

Ury was born after Kanae was married to Ryken, who was supposed to marry Masaki.

What does a silent voice teach you?

It’s sad that the lesson of A Silent Voice is that you have to reach out to other people for help if you want to overcome your own problems.

Is Komi mute or deaf?

In A Silent Voice, Nishimiya Shoko’s communication skills are affected by her deafness.Komi Shoko’s communication skills are impacted by extreme social anxiety, which is a less visible disability.

Who is Gojo Satoru wife?

GojoHime is the het ship between Utahime Iori and Satoru Gojo.

Who does Itadori love?

Yuko’s presence is interesting as she is the only love interest for Itadori.

Who is traitor in Jujutsu Kaisen?

After a thorough investigation by Utahime, she identified the identity of one traitor.Gojo was told that Kokichi Muta, a second-year at Kyoto Jujutsu High, is a traitor.Kokichi has a cursed corpse and his actual body is somewhere else.

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