What BBS means?

A bulletin board system is a computer or application dedicated to the sharing of messages or other files on a network.TheBBS was originally an electronic version of the bulletin board found on the wall in many kitchens and work places.

What does BBS slang mean?

Initialism.Be back soon.

What does BBS mean in gaming?

April 2020.A bulletin board system, also called Computer Bulletin Board Service, CBBS, is a computer server running software that allows users to connect to the system using a terminal program.

What is BBS in dating?

“Be Back Soon” and “Bulletin Board System” are whatBBS means.

What is BVS?

A degree in veterinary science.

What does BB mean in text?

Shorthand for bye bye is a way of saying good bye in chat and other text-based communications.

What does BB mean?

Sometimes it’s used as an acronym for basketball and bye-bye.bb is short for baby and is an affectionate term used to describe lovers, partners, friends, and even pets.Fans on social media can gush over their idols.

What is BBS stand for?

“Be Back Soon” is an abbreviation used in online and text-based communications to indicate that the sender will be away for a short period of time.BBL suggests a break of up to a few hours.It is similar to BRB.

What does B mean in texting to a girl?

A loved one is referred to as B.Sometimes it’s used to address a girl or mom.

What does LLY mean in text?

LLY, what is it?”I love you so badly” is the meaning of Licking Love you.It’s an abbreviation used in texting, online chat, instant messaging, email, blogs, newsgroups and social media postings.

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What does B mean from a girl?

What is the meaning of B?A loved one is referred to as B.Sometimes it’s used to address a girl or mom.

What is G slang for?

It’s a word.”gangsta” is short for “gangster” or “gangsta”.

Do girls like being called babe?

It may be one of the most common terms of endearment men give their partners, but a British study reveals.

What does BBB stand for?

A better business bureau is defined by Dictionary.com.

What does BWC mean in texting?

The meaning of “But Who Cares?” is to suggest that no one cares about it.

Are there any BBS still running?

A small group of people still run and call.373BBSes still operate, mostly in the United States, as many seek the digital intimacy they lost years ago.

What is a BSF slang?

BSF is internet shorthand for best friend.

What does DDF mean?

DDF stands for drug disease free or drug and disease free and is used on dating websites and personal ads.

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