What is Saitama scared of?

One-Punch Man revealed that Saitama is afraid of something.Recent dramatic developments in the series made Saitama a much more realistic character, including that he is afraid of losing his humanity, and relied on one person only to avoid that.

What is Saitama weakness?

Garou identified Saitama’s weakness as his lack of technique and training in martial arts, even though he was terrible at video games.

What makes Saitama so strong?

He achieved immense strength by doing 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups, and running 10 kilometers daily for a year.Genos doubts the credibility of Saitama’s explanations, suggesting that the routine isn’t hard.

Does Saitama have limits?

Simply put…Saitama doesn’t have a limit.Tell me how someone who continues to search for power and break their limits can possibly beat someone who has no limit.

Who beats Saitama?

1.The name of the person is Berserk.One of the strongest villains of all time is Griffith.After his rebirth as Femto, he gained new supernatural powers that allowed him to defeat Saitama.

What is Saitama scared of?

Saitama was scared of being disqualified from the tournament if the authorities found out that he wasn’t from One Punch Man.He was anxious because of the fear of losing the prize money, the only thing for which he had participated in the first place.

Has Saitama ever been hurt?

Saitama has been victorious in many battles.There have been no characters who have been close to beating him.

Who gave Saitama his powers?

The host was given strange powers by touching the cube continuously.There are three cubes in the universe that could lead to the God’s Gate.The three were sought by blast.

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What is Saitama’s limit?

Saitama doesn’t have a limit.

How fast is Saitama?

Saitama from One-Punch Man has a top speed of 159,236 mph.Saitama reached Earth from the moon in 1.5 seconds.

Who is Saitama father?

Saitama will find out that Blast is his dad when he finally meets him.

Who defeated Saitama?

Garou realized his wrongdoings after he taught Saitama to travel back in time to defeat him in the past.The fight highlighted two important points: Saitama’s unlimited potential and his constant growth as a combatant.

What rank is Saitama now?

He is assigned the hero name Caped Baldy and is currently a B-Class Rank 7.

Who is the strongest god in anime?

Osamu Tezuka is often referred to as the god of Manga, so in a way he’s the most powerful “anime god” of them all.If you don’t know his name, you might know his work.

What’s Saitama’s last name?

Saitama to Garou.Saitama, also known as his hero name Caped Baldy, is the most powerful character in the series.

Can Saitama fly?

Is Saitama able to fly?Is Saitama able to fly?Everyone else says he can jump high and move fast.He doesn’t have flying powers.

What is Goku’s max speed?

When he first enters Super Saiyan, it’s been determined that he can move at a top speed of almost half the speed of light, however, this may not be his max speed.

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