What is the highest HP Pokémon card?

The cards have between 30 and 340 HP.There is no Pokémon card with more than 300 base HP.There are some Pokémon cards with low HP.

Is there a Pokemon card with 300 HP?

A Towering Splash-GX attack that can wash away your opponents is the biggest HP total in the Pokémon TCG to date.

What is the heaviest Pokémon?

Stakataka is the heaviest Rock-type Pokemon we’ve found so far.Considering its huge size, it has a tremendous weight of 1807.8 lbs.

Which Pokémon has least health?

Shedinja has the lowest base HP.Mega Mewtwo X has the highest base Attack.The two Pokémon with the lowest base attacks are Chansey and Happiny.

What is the rarest Vmax?

The most valuable card is the Blaziken VMAX.There is an alternate art secret rare version.

Is there a Pokémon that does 1000 damage?

The most powerful Shadow Pokémon is Shadow Lugia.If you can spare four psychic energy cards, Shadow Storm will give you 1,000 damage and 300 HP.

What is the slowest Pokémon?

The world’s slowest Pokémon have a speed stat of 5 or less.Slowpoke is a faster pocket monster with a speed stat of 15.

What Pokémon has no weakness?

The only Pokémon with no weaknesses are Eelektrik and Eelektross.

Is Charizard v rare?

Despite being an ultra rare card, the Charizard VSTAR, card 18 out of 172 in Brilliant Stars, has a value of $17.

How much is a Charizard worth?

Depending on the condition of the Pokemon cards, they can be worth between $25 and $100,000.Our guide shows that some Charizard cards can be worth a lot more.

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What is the rarest Pokémon?

If it’s real, Raichu may be the most rare Pokémon card of all time.It’s so rare that finding out exact details of the Prerelease Raichu card is difficult.

What’s the rarest Pokémon card?

According to Guinness, there is only one known PSA grade 10 Pikachu Illustrator card.Paul bought a PSA grade 9 Pikachu Illustrator card in June of 2021.

Who is the fastest Pokemon ever?

Regieleki.Sword and Shield’s The Crown Tundra DLC introduces the fastest Pokémon in the series with a base speed of 200.

What Pokemon has the highest HP?

That must be a lot of love because Blissey has the highest base HP stat of all Pokemon.It has the greatest base Special Defense stat of all Normal-type Pokemon.

Is there a Pokémon with 4 evolutions?

Burmy is a Gen 5 Pokemon.

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