Which of the 9 Titans is the strongest?

The power of the Colossal was on full display in Season 4 when the island launched a surprise attack on Marley.At this point, he had the power of the Colossal and was in the middle of the navy.

Which of the Nine Titans is the weakest?

The Jaw Titan is the weakest of the nine and is the smallest.When changing users, it goes through the most transformation.The Jaw Titan’s power is difficult to assess because it was different for each user.

Who is the weakest Titan?

The Cart Titan is a titan, and although it is very versatile, it is the weakest of the NineTitans.The Cart can have turrets on its back because it is quadrupedal.

Who is the most evil Titan?

80% of the world’s population was wiped out by Eren’s army after they started the Rumbling.Eren is the most evil character in the AttackonTitan series.

What is the fastest Titan?

The Jaw Titan is most likely the fastest entity as it can fly through the air.

Who is the best Titan killer?

1.The man is Levi Ackerman.Levi is the top ranked person on our list.He flies through the air on his ODM gear, like he was born in it.

Who is the strongest founding Titan?

The founding titan was used by many people.The most powerful titan is this one.

What are all 9 Titans?

The nine titan powers were the founding titan, the armored titan, the attack titan, the beast titan, the cart titan, the female titan, and the war hammer titan.

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What is stronger than a Titan?

The gods are the stronger of the two.The Olympians overthrew the Titans even though they were said to be a gigantic race that gave birth to the gods.

Who is the founding Titan?

History.The first Titan, which came to be known as the Founding Titan, was obtained around 2,000 years ago by Ymir Fritz.After 13 years, her power was divided between her three daughters who were forced by their father to eat her remains.

Who is the scariest Titan?

Users often mentioned the Beast Titan as the scariest, with Eren’s Founder Titan coming up a few times.One of the first people audiences are introduced to as she eats Eren’s mother is the smiling titan.

Who is the slowest Titan?

He is the biggest of them all, but he is also the slowest.He can cause explosions to knock enemies back or kill them.

Who is the strongest soldier?

Anthony Fuhrman has been the U.S. Army’s strongest for years, building his squat to 705 pounds, his deadlift to 825 pounds, and his bench press over 500 on his way to back-.

Who is the tallest Titan?

The Colossal Titan is easily the largest of its kin, standing at a staggering sixty meters tall.The second tallest giant is four times larger than the third.

Who is the 50 foot Titan?

Bertolt Hoover was an Eldian and one of the Warriors.He had the ability to transform into a titan.They tried to lure out and acquire the founding titan for marley by breaching Wall Maria in the year 845.

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Who is god of Titan?

The elder gods, also known as theTitans, ruled the earth before the Olympians.Cronus was deposed by his son Zeus.Cronus was punished for fighting with Zeus by being sent to Tartarus.

Who is stronger than Zeus?

Nyx is more powerful than Zeus.Not much is known about the person.In the most famous myth, Zeus is too afraid to enter the cave for fear of angering her.

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