Who is God in Arifureta?

Ehit was the main villain of both “Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest” and “Arifureta Zero”.The god Ehit ruled over Tortus through his doctrine.

Who is main villain in Arifureta?

The main antagonist of the Japanese web-turned-light novel series Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou is Ehit, also known by his former human worshipers as the False God.

Is Hajime Nagumo a demon king?

The main character of the Japanese web-turned-light novel is Hajime Nagumo, also known by his classmates as the God Slaying Demon King and Ehit and his servants as the Irregular.

Who betrayed Arifureta?

The only traitor blackmailed into serving another one was Daisuke Hiyama, who betrayed him before he could kill her.He was not offered the chance to redeem himself.

Is Hajime a human?

He will no longer be considered a human and will no longer be afraid of anything.Hajime gained immense strength after consuming many powerful Demonic Beasts.

Did Hajime defeat God?

While taking over Ehit’s body, Hajime killed the false god to end his “chessboard of life and death” forever.

Who betrayed Hajime Nagumo?

Two weeks after the students arrived in the new world, the class went into the Orcus Labyrinth for a training exercise.Daisuke betrayed Hajime even though Nagumo risked his life to save Hiyama’s.

Who is Hajime Hinata dating?

In movies and events, Hajime and Chiaki are shown to be together.Even without the other speaking, their relationship progresses to a point where they can understand each other’s wishes.

How strong is Hajime Nagumo?

Hajime is capable of withstanding attacks that would prove fatal for most people.Hajime is at least 12 times tougher than Ryutarou.

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Is Hajime the strongest?

Hajime is the strongest man in the world as he has never lost to anyone and is the only one who can beat him.

Who is Chiaki’s bestfriend?

Hajime Hinata and Izuru Kamukura are related.Chiaki’s first and closest friend was Hajime.

Who is Nagito Komaeda’s crush?

Nagito was the only one to stay with Hajime after he lost consciousness at the beginning of the game.He introduced himself to the others and escorted Hajime.

Who will Hajime marry?

Hajime married a total of eight wives.B.Heiligh, Shizuku YaegaShi, and Remia.Hajime got four lovers from his exploits, including Lana Haulia and Emily Grant.

Who killed Chiaki Nanami?

Chiaki was executed by Junko.After realizing how much Class 77-B loved her, she decided to kill Chiaki in order to throw them all into despair.

Was Chiaki Nanami real?

Chiaki is an artificial intelligence that only exists inside the Neo World Program.She was created before or after the tragedy.She works for the Future Foundation and moderates the others on the virtual Jabberwock Island as anObserver.

Who is Hajime Hinata girlfriend?

There is a het ship between Chiaki Nanami and Hajime Hinata.

Is Makoto Naegi Nagito Komaeda?

His name is “Nagito Komaeda”, which means “I am Makoto Naegi”.Robert Schiotis felt that finding a voice actor for the latter was too difficult as he was meant to clash with Makoto’s ideals.

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