Can Naruto beat Goku?

Although he isn’t as strong as Goku, he can still do well against him in a fight.Six Paths Sage Mode is one of the powers that Naruto can take on.

Is Goku stronger than Naruto?

Son Goku would be able to defeat Naruto Uzumaki in a direct clash of martial arts titans due to his enormous potential and incredible feats.Son Goku is an actual god and he grows stronger with each fight, whereas Naruto’s powers are limited by his inherent humanity.

Can Sasuke defeat Goku?

It has been debated whether naruto could beat goku or not.If goku had no knowledge of Sasukes abilities, he could use Amaterasu instead.If goku got out of the sharingans, he would die.

How fast is Goku mph?

Super Saiyan Goku’s power level is 150 million according to Daizenshuu 7.This means that by the time he fights Frieza, he can travel less than half the speed of light.

Can Goku still go ultra instinct?

After training with an angel, Goku is able to access the ability even in his normal form, though he needs to close his eyes to use it.

Who could Goku not beat?

Jiren.In Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, Goku can’t beat Jiren even with Ultra Instinct.The Pride Trooper was still standing after both of the battles.

Who can beat Jiren?

Vegito.After receiving Super Saiyan Blue, Vegito could easily beat Jiren.Vegito would be able to access Ultra Instinct if he were a fused individual.

How fast is Jiren?

35.7408 trillion miles per day is 214.4 trillion miles/6.413,666,666 miles per second was divided by 86,400 seconds.The spaceship travels at a rate of 413.6 million miles per second.It’s 2,224x the speed of light, lowballed.

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Who’s faster Goku or flash?

By being able to travel in a place where time has been eliminated, Dragon Ball’s Goku proves that he is technically faster than anyone else.

Who beats Saitama?

1.The name of the person is Berserk.One of the strongest villains of all time is Griffith.After his rebirth as Femto, he gained new supernatural powers that allowed him to defeat Saitama.

What is Goku’s strongest form?

Mastered Ultra Instinct allowed him to defeat powerful opponents like Moro and Gas.It is not known if there is another state beyond Master Ultra Instinct, but since he unlocked it, Goku has been improving it.

Can Broly beat Beerus?

Although Broly is thought to be stronger than Beerus, Beerus has powers, such as Hakai, up his sleeve which give him the edge over pretty much anyone.

Is Jiren a God?

Jiren is a God tier character in Dragon Ball Super.Jiren has defeated or can easily defeat many characters.Golden Frieza is a character.Being one of the most powerful individuals in Universe Seven makes him comparable to Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form.

What is Goku’s max speed?

When he first enters Super Saiyan, it’s been determined that he can move at a top speed of almost half the speed of light, however, this may not be his max speed.

How old is Goku?

The events of the film are thought to take place around a year before the Peaceful World Saga.At the start of the film, Goku is estimated to be 46 years old.

Has Saitama ever been hurt?

The only thing that can damage Saitama in the series is a cat scratching his face.

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What is stronger than ultra instinct?

The most powerful character in Future Diary is Deus ex machina.He is the ruler of Time and Space.The Future Diaries are created by his control over these domains.His ability to warp reality makes it easy for him to defeat Ultra Instinct Goku.

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