Do I own my Sky Q box?

Sky Q boxes and any other equipment we designate as Sky-owned will remain the property of Sky or another company in the Sky group of companies at all times.Loaned equipment is the equipment you lend from time to time.

Can I still use my Sky Q box if I cancel Sky?

The engineer replaced the satellite dish or the pickup at the LNB when you had Sky Q installed.The Sky Q box had a special one installed.You have to return their box when you cancel Sky Q.The dish is on your property.

Can I take my Sky Q box to another house?

The Sky Q box does not require an internet connection to be used while away from the home.

Can I sell a Sky Q box?

Simple answer is no, they need to be returned.

Is Sky Q Box free?

Sky Q boxes are free if you pay for the subscription.

What do Sky do with returned equipment?

I don’t know if I have to return my sky Q and other boxes.They’re all young.You can’t keep Q equipment if you have to return it.

Are Sky repairs free?

If you upgrade to Sky Q, you can get your Sky Q boxes, Sky Q Hub and supplied remote control repaired or replaced by us at no extra cost.This does not include damage or fault caused by you.

Will Sky Q work on old dish?

Sky Q won’t work with your dish.There is a fitting on the arm of the dish that needs to be changed.Access to the dish is needed.Sky’s health and safety requirements may prevent their engineers from doing that.

Is it free to move house with Sky?

The cost of the home move visit is not free.You will have to pay for any additional equipment you need to set up Sky TV in your new home.7.Extra equipment which is part of the upgrade will need to be paid for.

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What happens if you don’t send your Sky box back?

You will have to pay a Non-Return charge if you don’t return the equipment within the allotted time.We will let you know if you need to pay the charges.Not returning equipment and not paying bills can affect your credit score.

Why is my Sky mini box not working?

The Sky Q Mini box has a reset button on the back.The light on the front is red and green.30 seconds is how long this will take.Press the button on the front of the box when it flashes red and green.

How does Sky mini box work?

You can watch any TV channel you want on up to four different TV sets with the Sky Multiscreen option.You can get a better Sky broadband signal with the help of the Mini boxes.

Can I return Sky Glass if I don’t like it?

Sky Glass can be canceled and you can return to Sky Q.You can either keep the Sky Glass TV itself and connect Sky Q hardware to it, or you can cancel the Sky Glass subscription and return the television.

Can I buy a Sky box and install it myself?

A lot of Sky subscribers believe that Sky+HD boxes can only be purchased directly from Sky.You can purchase a box from anywhere you want and install it yourself.

Can I keep my Sky Q box?

If you’re leaving Sky Q, changing your subscription, or need a new box, you’ll need to return the equipment you borrowed from us when you first joined Sky Q.You will have to pay a Non-Return charge if you don’t return the equipment within the allotted time.

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How can I get Sky without a dish?

Sky Now can be watched on a computer, phone, or tablet.Or via a smart TV.

Do I need a new dish for Sky Q?

Do you need a new dish?If you had problems with your dish before you switched to Sky Q, then you might need to replace it.If there are no current problems, your satellite is good to go.

Do Sky remove old dishes?

Sky doesn’t remove dishes.You can either do it yourself or pay someone to do it.

Who Owns the Sky dish?

Sky said the new service would be competitively priced, with consumers able to pay for the TV as part of a monthly subscription.

Do you need a smart TV for Sky Q?

If the TV has a HDMI input, you don’t need a smart TV to use the Skyq box.

Sky Q What Happens If You Don’t have a Subscription