How do I access DStv Box Sets?

Click on the TV Shows tab and select box sets to browse the titles on offer.The box sets collection is free to subscribe to.

How do I access box sets?

When it comes to watching the biggest TV shows and box sets via a TV package, you have a number of different options.You can choose between a satellite or cable TV service that includes channels you want, a special add-on that gives you box sets on demand, or a streaming service.

Why can’t I watch catch up on DStv?

Only the decoders that have a hard drive can store content.Only the DStv Premium customers have access to about 20 hours of content on older PVRs.Over 175 hours is available on the Exploras.

Why is DStv not showing all channels?

It’s a good idea to check your subscription due date.It’s a good idea to switch on your TV before making payments.You can find out if the weather is cloudy or raining.

Do you need a Sky box to watch Sky?

Sky Now can be watched on a computer, phone, or tablet.Or via a smart TV.

How do I cancel sky box sets?

You can use the’still need a hand’ button here if you want to cancel your Sky Cinema subscription.

Do I need a new dish for Explora?

Installation of the Explora 2 requires an 80 cm satellite dish and a DStv Smart LNB.

Is catch up TV free?

You can install a range of free catch up services such as BBC iPlayer and Channel 4’s All4 as well as subscription apps like Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime, and a whole host of niche channel apps and even free vintage movie apps.

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What causes scratches on DStv?

Most of the time, the culprit is a satellite dish that is out of alignment.This problem can be caused by an LNB that is out of alignment.

Why is my decoder showing red light?

A power supply problem is the most likely cause of blinking red or red flashes.It’s a good idea to test your decoder with a new power supply.Buy it and replace the old one if it works.

How do I get Sky without a dish?

Sky Now can be watched on a computer, phone, or tablet.Or via a smart TV.

Do you have to have a dish with Sky Q?

Sky Q is a satellite system.

Can I keep my Sky Q box if I cancel?

All Sky Q boxes are the property of Sky and must be returned to them.The wideband LNBs on Sky Q dishes are compatible with the new generation of Freesat boxes.

How do I delete a film from Sky Store?

As the digital rights to the film belong to you, the best you can do is archive it.

What can I do with my old DStv decoder?

For various combinations of the DStv Explora, HD decoder and/or installation, DStv subscribers can exchange their older single view decoders.The customer needs to take the device and smartcard to a DStv service centre.

How do I connect my DStv decoder to my old TV?

If you are using an HDMI cable, you should plug it into the HDMI port on the back of your decoder and the other end into an input port on your TV.You will need to switch to the appropriate source on your television.

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How do I take my DStv off standby mode?

If your receiver blinks red and you press the power button on the remote, you can switch it on.

Can I get Freeview without WiFi?

You don’t need an internet connection if you only want to watch digital channels.You will need an internet connection of at least 2Mbps to access catch-up and on-demand content on a Freeview Play device.

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