How many fights has Goku lost?

Does anyone know how many fights Dragonball has had?How many fights did Goku lose?Is anyone aware of this information?70 fights resulted in a 70-10 record.

Did Goku lose any fights?

He doesn’t lose a lot of his fights after the Cell Games.Majin Vegeta blindsides him and he ends his fight with Buu early.The final loss in the original Dragon Ball comes in the battle against Cell.

Who all have defeated Goku?

Beerus was shown what a Super Saiyan looked like during his fight with Frieza.He does not in the Manga.Beerus defeated Goku by chopping him on the back of the neck, like in the Battle of Gods movie.

Does Goku ever win a fight?

There have been many fights in Dragon Ball.Some of the battles were won with pure skill.Dragon Ball’s main character didn’t want to test his skills against a fighter.

What was Goku’s longest fight?

The longest fight in shonen history was not adapted as well as it should have been in Dragon Ball Z.

How old is Goku?

At the end of Dragon Ball Z, his chronological age is 44, but his body is 37.

Who can defeat Goku ultra instinct?

Beerus has access to techniques against whichUI provides no benefit.Beerus could easily defeat Ultra Instinct Goku, a feat no one else on this list can achieve.

How old is Frieza?

He is in Dragon Ball Super.His fans assume that he was a few centuries older than his father when he arrived on Namek.

Who can beat Goku in a fight?

Saitama from One Punch Man is durable and fast.No one was able to survive a single punch from him.Saitama’s abilities surpass human limits and he can even defeat artificial beings which might suggest that he can beat Goku.

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What is Goku’s strongest form?

Mastered Ultra Instinct allowed him to defeat powerful opponents like Moro and Gas.It is not known if there is another state beyond Master Ultra Instinct, but since he unlocked it, Goku has been improving it.

Who can defeat Jiren?

Vegito.After receiving Super Saiyan Blue, Vegito could easily beat Jiren.Vegito would be able to access Ultra Instinct if he were a fused individual.

Who kills Goku?

59.Cell self destructs after Goku took him to King Kai’s planet.Old Kai revives him several years later.Just before Cell explodes, Goku and those on King Kai’s planet are killed.

How long will Goku live?

The series is likely to end when 1000 years have passed.The use of god-ki may make him even more immortal.Fear not, fans.He won’t grow old on us and die.

Was Beerus born a God?

Beerus wasn’t born into divinity.Beerus was a destroyer, unlike the Kai or Supreme Kai, who were destined to be deities.Beerus was given the power of destruction to help balance the universe.

Who is the strongest destroyer?

Beerus.Beerus is from Universe 7.The God of Destruction in Dragon Ball is the strongest of the 12 universes.Beerus is extremely powerful and it would take him barely any effort to completely destroy his opponents.

How fast is Goku mph?

Super Saiyan Goku’s power level is 150 million according to Daizenshuu 7.This means that by the time he fights Frieza, he can travel less than half the speed of light.

What is stronger than ultra instinct?

The most powerful character in Future Diary is Deus ex machina.He is the ruler of Time and Space.The Future Diaries are created by his control over these domains.His ability to warp reality makes it easy for him to defeat Ultra Instinct Goku.

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Who mastered ultra instinct?

The ability to use the Ultra Instinct Sign was developed through training.Merus points out that at that point Goku was just one step away from achieving the full form and when he does he will be able to access it whenever he wants, and thanks to having become stronger, he will be able to keep it stable.

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