What kills the Hulk?

The Fantastic Four died to stop him.The ultimate sacrifice resulted in the death of Hulk.Bruce Banner’s brain was shut down by Jean Grey.One of the things that happened was that the two of them ended up separated, and one of them ended up in an irradiated cocoon, and the other ended up with a horn.

Can the Hulk be defeated?

In various comics, Hulk is vulnerable to magic.Zeus rendered a dead man by removing his healing power.It is possible to end the life of the Hulk if you can eliminate the radiation that created it.On one occasion, Red Hulk did this.

What is the Hulk weakness?

You can’t kill him.The weakness is Bruce Banner.The weakness of the Hulk is that he won’t be able to fully accomplish his mission if Bruce isn’t there.

How was Hulk able to die on what if?

Hank was able to shrink to a tiny size, using his technology to enlarge the cells of the Hulk, which caused his destruction.

Is Thanos scared of Hulk?

He became one of the most powerful beings in the universe when he got control of all the stones, but he was afraid to face the Hulk.

Do bullets hurt Hulk?

The strength of the Hulk’s skin makes it nearly impossible for anyone to hurt him.When we say he’s bulletproof, what we really mean is that he’s bulletproof.

How does Hulks pants not rip?

In the comics, it is suggested that the Hulk’s pants are made of special material, and that they are made out of unstable molecules.The fabric expands with the shape of the wearer.

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Who kill Thor?

It was decided by Yellowjacket that he must die as well because he assumed that Fury will try to recruit him.Yellowjacket tapped on Hawkeye’s arm, causing him to miss and shoot an arrow at Thor, which resulted in his death.

Who kills Deadpool?

The Mad Titan can lift the curse on him and kill him.

Can the Hulk die of old age?

He can die of old age, but it’s a complex process and you shouldn’t count on it unless you have an effective way of transforming him back to Bruce Banner.

Who is Hulks weakness?

Normal weapons do not penetrate his skin because of his super strength.He is known to survive energy blasts.One of his most battled characters has a special metal that can hurt him.The Adamantium claws can cut tissue.

Who does the Hulk fear?

One of the greatest fears of Hulk and Banner is never really belonging anywhere.

Which Avenger did Thanos fear?

He waited until all of them were dead to make his move, according to the theory.This would make sense, as all of these characters were powerful and could be called in for backup at any time.

Who does Thanos avoid?

He became one of the most powerful beings in the universe when he got control of all the stones, but he was afraid to face the Hulk.

Can the Hulk bleed?

His skin takes a lot of force to break, thanks to the radiation that gave birth to him.It takes a unique set of variables to be able to bleed twice in a fight.

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Why does Hulk’s pants turn purple?

Banner’s body emitted high levels of radiation when Bruce died, according to the fan.Banner’s pants would turn purple because of the strong radiation that came into contact with them.

Who is Thor’s wife?

Sif is a goddess associated with the earth.In both the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda, Sif is the wife of the thunder god and is known for her golden hair.Sif is the mother of the goddess rr with a father who is not recorded in the Edda.

Is Thor a half giant?

While his father is the strongest Aesir in terms of physical strength, Thor is the second most powerful of the Aesir.

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