Who would win Goku or Luffy?

Who is stronger between the two?In a fight, who would win?In every aspect, Son Goku is stronger than Luffy.Son Goku is considered to be one of the strongest characters ever, while Luffy is not even close to that level.

Can Goku defeat Luffy?

One of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball is Goku.He would make the biggest mistake if he got on the wrong side of Goku.Even if he tried over a hundred times, he would still be unsuccessful.

Who is more powerful Goku or Luffy?

The man is already a master of many abilities and operates at a higher level than the man.The Gear Fifth abilities are impressive, but they are not as good as Son Goku’s.

Can One Piece beat Goku?

The strongest character in Dragon Ball can still beat many of the strongest characters in One Piece.One Piece is one of the few that can say that they have maintained a global presence for more than two decades.

Can Goku defeat Naruto?

In this state, the strengths of both the mind and body are harnessed.Without having to think or plan, Goku can easily defend and attack.His blue energy attacks have the power to destroy Naruto.

Who can beat Luffy 5?

Blackbeard is the biggest counter to Gear Fifth.Most people can only hope to survive it.There are limits to cartoony physics in the One Piece series.

How fast is Goku mph?

Super Saiyan Goku’s power level is 150 million according to Daizenshuu 7.This means that by the time he fights Frieza, he can travel less than half the speed of light.

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Who can defeat Luffy?

There is a character within the One Piece world who could easily defeat Monkey D.There is a person named Luffy.Gol D.Roger is the strongest character to ever live in the series thus far, being the only one to attain the title of Pirate King.

Can Goku Solo Avengers?

Absolutely not.I don’t understand why people want to use’solo’ for these things.There are not many universes that have any power at all.

How many gears will Luffy have?

Luffy could create Gear Fifth by gaining these two abilities and spreading them to his environment.At the same time, logia-like powers of intangibility and vulcanized rubber would be available when needed.

How strong is Luffy right now?

Luffy is strong enough to fight the strongest of the Yonko in a one-on-one battle, making him extremely capable.Luffy is one of the most accomplished fighters in the world of One Piece, and his control over his powers has improved dramatically over the years.

How fast is Jiren?

35.7408 trillion miles per day is 214.4 trillion miles/6.413,666,666 miles per second was divided by 86,400 seconds.The spaceship travels at a rate of 413.6 million miles per second.It’s 2,224x the speed of light, lowballed.

Who’s faster Goku or flash?

By being able to travel in a place where time has been eliminated, Dragon Ball’s Goku proves that he is technically faster than anyone else.

Can Thanos snap Goku?

A black hole could be used to transport Goku, or he could be frozen in time.Depending on the powers of the other Stones, Thanos could take over Goku’s mind or soul.

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Who beats Saitama?

1.The name of the person is Berserk.One of the strongest villains of all time is Griffith.After his rebirth as Femto, he gained new supernatural powers that allowed him to defeat Saitama.

How old will Luffy live?

Dr. Kureha is 141 years old and may live until he’s 60.He wasn’t planning on living that long because he’s a pirate.

Why can Luffy use fire?

It is possible that the force of air against the gum-like composition of his fist combined with the speed of stretching his arm causes his arm to ignite into flames and hit his enemies with a flaming punch.

Is Luffy the sun god?

When Enel hit the island with his full power and clouded the sun, the people started praying for a miracle.

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